2005 (#45) November/December

Happy holidays from Good Old Boat! The boats in this issue include the Cape Dory 25 as a feature boat, and reviews of the Tartan 30 and Seaward 22. We've also got Part 2 of the Nicholson 31 refit by James Baldwin. For the serious among us, we're telling how to repair a hole in a fiberglass boat, how to build a full-sized bed in the main cabin (none of this pointy V-berth stuff!), everything you want to know about reading weather charts, and what boat details you should keep on a master list. There's also Nautical Compass 101, Part 2 of our marine corrosion article, and a look at Captain John Voss: his boat, the Tilikum, and his sea anchor. Lighter reading includes a profile of Murray Davis, the founder of Cruising World, by Marianne Scott; setting priorities for living a cruising lifestyle, by Dave Martin; a profile of Torresen Marine; a lovely center spread with photos by John Ellsworth; and memories by John Butler about sailing in the Tasman Sea and Catherine Connolly about buying her first boat. Reflections by Craig Carter center on the boating skills and interests passed from father to son. What's more? Creating a cockpit hatch for engine access and a unique way to get around (bow-sculling) are the Simple Solutions pieces. Relocating auxiliary controls in the cockpit is our Quick and Easy article.

Download PDF file (GOB45Nov05.pdf): about 8.4 megabytes.


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