1999 (#6) May/June

The May/June issue focuses on tuning your standing rigging, appreciating your tiller, buying an affordable boat, restoring a Bristol 27, keeping the motion at anchor under control when there's surge, and fighting mildew. The Pearson Commander is our feature boat, and the Bristol Channel Cutter is the boat reviewed in this issue. There is a feature on two men who choose to preserve classic sailboats and a small wonders feature on the use of chip logs and lead lines. We also feature the sailor who designed the duffel bags which were part of our giveaway prize drawing for subscribers. This issue is huge -- 96 pages -- in part because we reran the entire list of sailboat associations and contacts, a list of more than 500 names and growing...

Download PDF file (GOB6May99.pdf): about 9 megabytes.


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