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1. How do I purchase my download on AudioSeaStories.com?
2. How do I order without a PayPal account?
3. Is it safe to enter my information on this website?
4. How do I access a previous order again?
5. How do I open the Zip file I just downloaded?
6. How do I get a zipped audiobook to a portable device, such as an iPad?
7. How do I get a zipped back issue to an iPad?
8. WHERE did my download go?
9. YES! Our digital downloads DO work on Kindle readers, too. Want to know how?
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ATTENTION! Our audiobooks and full-year back issues are very large files. Because of download times, we package them for you in Zip format. You will NOT be able to unzip these files on most handheld devices without the help of an app, such as Good Reader. For more details, refer to the HELP section.